Sunday 9th August 2015

Chester Riverside Canoe Club has come a long way since becoming a voluntary club nearly three years ago. Gaining charitable status,becoming self funding, increasing its fleet of boats, developing a great coaching team and most importantly growing its membership to 100.

This has all happened in a very short space of time with a lot of hard work from a committed band of members but without a structured long term development plan. For the club to continue to grow and prosper it is felt necessary by the committee to develop a long term plan.

However the committee feel that if this plan was developed purely by the committee it would be an opportunity missed for new ideas and initiatives. Therefore CRCC would like to invite as many parents, guardians and club members to attend a meeting with the Chair and Vice Chair on Sunday 9th August 2015 at the boat house whilst the young people are on the water to discuss the long term plans for the club.

We do appreciate that due to holidays not all will be available but we feel this needs to be addressed, perhaps those not able to attend may be able to email ideas to be aired at the discussion. We really would welcome the comments of all the members even the ones that have only recently joined. As always the kettle will be on!

Please do contact me if you have any questions or require any other information.

Many thanks and best regards

Ian & Paul