September news letter

Club update


Following the consultation meeting, discussion with coaches, the committee and the newly re formed junior committee the club has decided to implement the followingĀ  new ideas to try and make Sunday sessions run more smoothly.

However this will only happen if supporters of the young people are prepared to step forward and assist.


  1. A rota of coaches to take responsibility for opening up the club sorting the coaches and young people into suitable groups, taking responsibility for the session and finally locking up at the end. Ian has said he will do this every other week until Christmas and then review how often he wishes to do it.


  1. A rota of a committee member to be responsible for collecting money in, doing the register and dealing with any administration i.e bookings for events new members on the day. They will then be asked to cash up in a form the treasurer can understand.


  1. Two supporters per week. One to sort drinks and biscuits and ensure that the centre is left how we would hope to find it and the other to help in the end bay with getting equipment in and out in a safe and orderly manner.


Lists will be available on Sunday morning for people to sign up for the roles above and then the names for each task will be put on the club diary for that week.


The club are in the process of introducing the paddle power award so that members can work towards this before gaining the star awards. Ian is working on the admin side of this now and it is hoped to run it in the next couple of weeks.


Ian McMullen is moving to a new role within the club, Life Long President of the club ( this role doesn’t set a precedent). This will enable Ian to focus on special projects rather than the day to day running of the club, but still be able to support with his vast knowledge.

Ian has resigned from his role as Chair to take up this new role. The position of Chair will remain vacant until the AGM early next year, in the interim the vice chair will cover the role. Full job description and how to be nominated will be distributed prior to the AGM as for all the other vacant positions.


The committee and members would like to thank Ian for all the work he has done for the club to date as chair and for all the work he is still doing in his new role.


The club are working extremely hard to arrange more river trips and events for the members, please watch the website for more information – 3 star assessment September, weekend away October, bank based FSRT October.